Longer Heavier Vehicle Transports

Moeijes is known in the world of transportation as the inventor of “controlled-atmosphere high-volume transport”, and through its resourcefulness has continued to develop this concept within the limits of the law.

Hence it is not surprising that Moeijes did not want to fall behind in that field with the coming of LHVs, and has put its very own concept on the road. Since 2008, our fleet includes 3 LHVs with the following capacity:

  • 157 m³ volume
  • 70 CC plant containers / 53 euro pallets / 42 block pallets
  • 37,500 kg loading capacity

Unfortunately this is a speciality that we can (for now) only offer on transports within the Netherlands , although we keep a close eye on European politics with regard to the possibility of deploying LHVs internationally.